4 seasons

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An intriguing supernatural drama where passengers on a mysterious flight are left to pick up the pieces of their lives after their plane lands.


Manifest opens with a mystery: a plane arrives in New York and appears normal to the passengers, but not to the rest of the world. Upon landing, they’re shocked to discover they had been missing for the past five years and were presumed dead. The series follows the passengers and crew as they try to figure out the truth about what happened to them. Theories abound, from time travel to wormholes. As the passengers try to re-enter the lives that moved on without them, they are confronted again and again by the mystery of what happened to them. While they navigate the new complexity of their interpersonal relationships and their connections to each other, they’re forced to reckon with the meaning of the flight: was it a warning, a fluke, or something else entirely?

Vilma's thoughts

Although I am not a fan of supernatural or science fiction series, the story of Manifest caught my attention. The intrigue of not knowing what had happened in the life of the passengers’ relatives after their disappearance kept me engaged. The drama of the arrival of the passengers and the disruptions in their lives combines well with all the theories about time travel and supernatural causes, sometimes with religious or even more esoteric explanations! It’s a smart, compelling show that goes way beyond the initial premise. From love stories to thrilling moments of tension, this show has something for everyone. There are some incredible women in the show, and it’s fun to see them take charge while they try to understand the mystery! In Manifest, you will find plenty of stories that both entertain and inspire you! I know I did.

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