Masaba Masaba

2 seasons

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A feel-good and inspirational look at an Indian mother-daughter duo taking control of their lives and feeling empowered about their decisions!


Masaba Masaba is inspired by the lives of two independent women who, together and separately, are working to create lives they love. The series gives a glimpse into the real-life mother-daughter duo Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta, who are playing fictionalized versions of themselves as they manage their personal lives and careers.

Neena, a Bollywood actress, raised her daughter Masaba as a single mother while juggling her film career. Now, she’s in her late 50s and wants to get back into the film industry with new roles. Masaba, Neena’s daughter, has recently gone through a divorce and is struggling to keep her design studio afloat in the midst of a cutthroat fashion industry. The show, which features a positive representation of professional Indian women, is refreshing. Masaba Masaba is available in both dubbed English and its original Hindi (with English subtitles).

Nupur's thoughts

There are a lot of negative perceptions and judgments surrounding career-oriented women in South Asia and Masaba Masaba is working to change that! Having my own roots in that region, I could relate to the many nuances portrayed on the show as Neena and Masaba both navigate their work lives. I also felt so much empathy for some of the mother-daughter dynamics, and the idea of feeling independent while also so connected to another person. I was specifically drawn to Masaba’s temperament as she dealt with her mother and work pressures!

That said, it was very inspiring to see both the lead actors stay headstrong and committed to their professions and dreams! Even the supporting characters have a positive outlook on life and relationships and felt like real people I might know. I absolutely loved this show. It’s given me a new sense of womanhood, and is the perfect pick-me-up when I need a dose of strength to keep going forward and trusting myself.