1 season

Watch it for...

A boost in your feminist convictions with a side of man eye candy, a lot of laughter, and some truly incredible 70s-style inspiration!


Set in the early 1970s, feminist writer and academic Joyce Prigger enters the male-dominated publishing world in hopes of publishing her own feminist magazine. Joyce, played by Ophelia Lovibond, finds herself in a business relationship with low-rent publisher Doug Renetti as they work to publish the first ever erotic magazine geared towards women. As Joyce enters the unfamiliar realm of erotica, she must reconcile her own perception of sex with her position in the feminist movement as well as her newfound role in publishing. With the help of friends and family, Joyce and Doug confront their own stubborn expectations and struggle to combine feminist prose and pornographic imagery into one progressive and marketable publication.

Charlotte's thoughts

While I began watching Minx because of the effortlessly cool 70s costume design and the casting of Jake Johnson as a bearded erotic magazine publisher (essentially a 70s-version of Nick Miller from New Girl), I stayed for the hilarious female characters in the show! Ranging from unsatisfied married women to former nude models, these women show different perspectives on second-wave feminism and sexual liberation without making Minx feel educational or academic.  

I personally related the most to Joyce’s struggles to embrace her own sexuality as both a feminist and a woman influenced by the sexist narrative that sex is taboo for women to talk about. On a less serious note, the show got me laughing and looking at denim rompers online like I was an employee at the magazine. It’s a new story set in an old time where female characters are given the screen time they deserve, and the show is so much better for it!