Next in Fashion

1 season

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A wholesome and fun fashion design competition show that leaves you feeling uplifted, inspired, and ready to try something new with your clothes!


Next in Fashion pits 18 up-and-coming designers against each other to create the newest, cutting-edge looks. Every week the contestants have 2 days to create a male and female outfit based on the parameters the judges give them. With unique challenge themes like Denim, Rock and Roll, and Underwear, the competitors are kept on their feet and forced to create jaw-dropping designs far outside their comfort zones. The winner of the competition gets $250,000 and their very own collection on a luxury fashion retailer site.  It has all the fast-paced, drama-filled, sky’s-the-limit artistic endeavors of a reality competition show but with a positive tone that is quick to uplift competitors and inspire viewers. Hosts Tan France and Alexa Chung keep it upbeat and humorous and are always encouraging contestants to create their best work. It is an entertaining mix of Queer Eye and The Great British Baking Show, except with patterns and prints instead of flour and eggs.

Alli's thoughts

Every episode of Next in Fashion left me with a huge grin on my face. I love reality TV, but many shows leave me feeling a little gross. They tend to go for maximum drama at the expense of the competitors by leaning into stereotypes, creating villain edits, and setting up fights. Next in Fashion wasn’t like that! Instead, they focused on the competitors’ stories and art. They encouraged openness, friendship, and always prioritized personal growth. Don’t get me wrong—there were still plenty of stress, tears, and drama. But the show did a great job of always bringing it back around to celebrate art and the people who make it.  


When I watched it in the middle of the pandemic, the show felt like a hug. It encouraged me to create freely and celebrate my own story. I also loved how they highlighted and centered woman creators of all backgrounds. Competitors were encouraged to lean into their own culture, influences, and story. I learned so much about other cultures’ fashion trends and it was truly amazing to watch the designers create modern art that reflected who they are. Next in Fashion is a reality TV show where I can root for my favorites over a glass of wine but still walk away feeling good about the world I live in.