Off the Hook

1 season

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A humorous look at how being obsessed with social media and an over-connectivity in our world can make you miss out on what’s most important…real life!


In this French comedy, roommates and cousins Manon and Léa each have lives spinning out of control—Manon’s coping with a smarmy entertainment manager, and Léa can’t stop cyberstalking an ex-boyfriend. Funny, over-the-top, and yet still relatable, the show weaves intergenerational stories of love and family with modern obsessions for all things online. After a video of Manon’s embarrassing singing performance goes viral, and Léa is finally blocked by her ex, the pair vow to ditch their cell phones for a month.

What comes next is hilarious: wistfully listening to strangers’ devices ding as they walk down the street, shopping for wristwatches and alarm clocks to try and stay tethered to civilization. When the cousins attend an absurdist digital detox camp, they become determined to make necessary changes in their lives. As their stories unfold, viewers will be inspired by their journeys to shed old patterns, live more authentically, and grow up.

Sim's thoughts

I’m old enough to remember life before voicemail, so I found it especially comical when the main characters resort to ‘1990s’ survival tactics such as, you know, writing messages down on paper. Off the Hook went from feeling a little farcical to serving up some real lessons about self-esteem. I really ended up rooting for the characters, too! I felt proud of Manon as she confronted her fears and rapped on stage for the first time. I identified with Léa trying too hard, recalling those times I wanted someone to like me when I didn’t even know if I liked them.  

You know how when you stop overthinking, good things happen? I loved the scene where Léa goes along as the wing woman for her guy friend on his date and her slightly goofy but authentic behavior helps him realize what he’s really looking for. In all, the warmth of the show—the unconditional friendships, even the French greeting of a kiss on the cheek (a custom I grew up with and had forgotten all about)—drew me in. Now, I won’t promise that everything went back to normal when the ladies finally reunited with their cell phones, but it was a satisfying end to the season. You’ll have to watch for yourself!