2 seasons

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A hilarious satire of middle school in the 1990s, with two adult actors playing tweens, that illustrates the awkward coming-of-age moments of two best friends.


This unique adult comedy follows Anna Kone (played by Anna Konkle, 34) and Maya Ishii-Peters (played by Maya Erskine, 34) as they navigate the unknown waters of middle school. These real-life best friends reenact themselves as 7th graders as they once were in the 1990s, making for a raw and hysterically cringe-y story. This 90s-nostalgia comedy shines a light on the two outcasts as they attempt to fit in and adjust to the uncertainties of what it means to be a teenager. They struggle with cultural identity, divorce, friendship, and the novelty of middle school crushes. 

Julia's thoughts

I loved Pen15 because it made me feel nostalgic for the 90s, when styles were funky and AIM had just begun. Pen15 made me laugh out loud, recalling the memories of the incredible bonds with the girlfriends I had while transitioning from child to teenager. This hilarious show perfectly articulates that time in life when friends are the most important thing in the world, especially between young female best friends.

The comedic twist of Anna and Maya being played by their adult selves, but surrounded by actual middle school actors, adds to the brilliant absurdity of the show. This relatable coming-of-age story takes a journey through adolescence and is filled with second-hand embarrassment as we watch these girls with braces and bowl-cuts try to establish their identities in the world.

I highly recommend this show to comedy lovers who want to relive their awkward middle school moments and experience the thrill of these brilliant actors perfectly portraying their young 90s personas.