1 season

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Realistic and frank parenting humor, relatable everyday scenarios, and to feel like you’re hanging out you’re your best group of mom-friends!


Three Long Island women are suffering from the terrible tragedy of losing one of their close friends. Each woman has a different story, but the bond between them is relatable and encouraging as they deal with their shared grief. With the loss of their friend, these women are now forced to re-think their own life choices. The content is heavy but there is plenty of humor in this show. The death proves to be a wake-up call for each of these women. The viewers are along for the ride to see which decisions work out and which don’t, with plenty of laughs along the way.

Amanda's thoughts

Pivoting was short and sweet, but I can’t wait for the next season. At first, it seems dark, as the three women are grieving a terrible loss. But as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine… and once the humor kicked in, I found myself laughing alongside them. I loved the sarcastic and humorous banter between the three main characters. It reminded me of the conversations I normally have with my friends, where it’s comforting to laugh about our kids' swearing or shamelessly embrace our favorite 90s drama, Beverly Hills 90210 (long live Brenda and Dylan!).

After their friend's death, each character makes some really drastic life changes. Some of these choices made sense to me, while others were surprising. I could relate to the character who was at a bit of a crossroads with her career, but was very anxious when one developed a crush on her trainer. You’ll sit there thinking “Are they really going to do that?” and hope for the best, just as you would for your own friends.