Pushing Daisies

2 seasons

Watch it for...

A delightful, fairytale-esque story about love, commitment, and intimacy with charming characters, a little mystery, and some unexpected twists!


This delightfully fanciful, slightly dark comedy follows a young pie baker, Ned, through a series of misadventures. Surrounded by a diverse cast of quirky characters, this series offers a lighthearted look at the complications of love when the unexpected happens. At an early age, young Ned finds himself with a unique talent he can’t openly share with the world. As he struggles to deal with the hardships life has dealt him, Ned finds novel ways to turn his hidden talent into a way to support himself with the work he loves and an interesting cast of friends.

Wedged between a woman he loves but can’t touch, and a woman who loves him but whose affection he doesn’t return, Ned leads us on a slightly off-balanced romp of mystery, family secrets, and an exploration of what love means when it is met with fairytale limits. Fans will revel in the backstories of the main characters as one adventure after another brings into question family secrets, individual dreams, and comedic solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Nalda's thoughts

As a mother of adult children who has both struggled with her own romantic challenges and watched as her children pursue their own romances, I find this an easily consumed—yet thoughtful look!—at what love and commitment mean to different people. Ned’s tenderness with both women in his life allowed me to reflect and explore the values I have surrounding love, commitment, and the value of life in a lighthearted and endearing way. This is perhaps the first romance I have been able to enjoy since my own romantic loss a year and a half ago. Watching Ned and his ethical dilemmas was enough to rekindle hope in my heart!