Salt Fat Acid Heat

1 season

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Samin Nosrat’s profound love of food and the pro chef tips she shares, plus a plethora of how-it’s-made “wow” moments and gorgeous travel footage!


Samin Nosrat is a world-renowned food writer and chef. In this series, based on one of her books, she breaks down four elements of great cooking and features one in each episode. This show is part travelogue as well as cooking show. “Fat” takes viewers to olive groves in Italy. “Acid” is set in a region of Mexico known for friendly honey bees. In “Salt,” Samin goes to Japan, where she visits an enormous fish market. In “Heat,” she goes back to her roots in California and Chez Panisse, where her training as a chef began. Throughout it, her warm commentary and helpful tips are dispensed alongside her own memories and delight in great food.

Liz's thoughts

For many of us, food brings up good memories and makes us feel close to our heritage. When I was watching the episode “Fat,” I found myself in a little whirl of nostalgia about my own trip to my family’s hometown in Northern Italy. The giant fish market in Japan was amazing to see too—I love visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle, and this one was even bigger! Samin also made me think about the way flavors truly travel the world, like the journey of citrus from Persia to Mexico by way of Spain.  

I love this show’s full-on celebration of the five senses and Samin’s warm and funny interactions with everyone. I was laughing along as she sampled sour food, laugh-cried while chopping onions, or semi-successfully tried to operate an olive harvesting tool! If you’re like me and love to see how things are made, you’ll enjoy segments about making staple foods like miso, tortillas, and extra virgin olive oil. The olive press was so soothing and satisfying. I can’t recommend this show enough!