Somebody Feed Phil

5 seasons

Watch it for...

The chance to travel and connect with the world vicariously through the charming and funny Phil, while filling up on laughter and good food!


Take your absolute favorite show about food, name a place you’ve always wanted to visit, combine it with the humor of the creator and head writer of "Everybody Loves Raymond,” and wrap it all up in the warmest hug. That's what you'll get watching Somebody Feed Phil! This charming docuseries follows Phil around the world (and the Unites States) while he tries unique dishes and meets new people. The show’s “special sauce” is really in Phil’s interactions with the locals—it’s heartwarming, encouraging, and funny to see him react to the food and show genuine curiosity about what people’s lives are like. Viewers learn about some of the world's best secret spots for dining, while also feeling like they’re instantly a part of Phil's family.

Christine's thoughts

I freely and joyfully admit: I am a total foodie! But what I love even more than food is true connection, and as a single mom I crave connection just about as much as a rich and decadent dessert. I was curious about Somebody Feed Phil based on the incredible meals that are featured, but as soon as I turned on this show I quickly realized it is about so much more than just food in far-flung locales. It's a little bit about the food, and a whole lot about Phil being an incredible human being who is cheeky, kind, generous, warm, and endearing. He has a way of bringing out the best in everyone he meets, and in a seemingly polarized time in life, this show gives me a total pick-me-up that helps me reconnect with the idea that we are all one meal away from a stranger becoming family.