Sweet Magnolias

2 seasons

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A funny and warm look at the friendship between three strong women, real-life scenarios, a little romance, and humorous small town politics.


Sweet Magnolias follows three women who have been best friends since childhood: Maddie, a mom with three kids who’s going through a divorce and trying to re-enter the workforce; Dana Sue, the chef and owner of the local restaurant who struggles to juggle dating and her work life; and Heather, an accomplished attorney who yearns for a slower pace of life. All three are from and still live in a small town in South Carolina, where they help each other through life’s ups and downs, whether they be romantic highs and lows, career-related obstacles, or the relatable challenges of family life.

Johny's thoughts

When I first stumbled upon Sweet Magnolias, I was drawn to the show because of its three main actresses—three very, “real”-looking women who truly felt like friends. What made me stay was the complexities of so many interweaving storylines that take place in the small town of Serenity, South Carolina. Sweet Magnolias handles topics such as infidelity, divorce, parent- child relationships, and miscarriages in a way that feels truthful but also highlights the natural strength women possess, especially when supported by their friendships. I have two close girlfriends like the trio of friends on this show, and although the three of us are very different, we still have such a solid bond because of a genuine love and respect for one another. I loved seeing that represented on tv! Don’t be fooled by my emotional gushing, though; Sweet Magnolias manages to take all the cheesiness of a heartfelt romantic TV drama and somehow makes it feel authentic and compelling.