Teenage Bounty Hunters

1 season

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A coming-of-age story that subverts expectations in the form of a juicy serialized mystery with lovably messy high school female leads!


After teen twins Sterling and Blair Wesley damage their dad’s car, they get wrapped up in the strange world of bounty hunting. With the help of their bounty-hunting mentor Bowsman, the girls juggle their new “career” with teen life at a private school in Atlanta, Georgia. Both worlds prove more than they can handle as the girls grapple with the intersection of sexuality, religion, racism, class, and family. Although things may seem straightforward in their picture-perfect upper-crust world, everything is always a little more complicated than it seems on the surface. As the girls uncover who they are, they discover a mystery that hits close to home. It’s a sharp, slightly-absurdist coming-of-age full of serious heart and serious thrill.

Morgan's thoughts

When I first heard the title of this show, I thought the show sounded crazy. And I was right! Teenage Bounty Hunters is nuts but in the best possible way. The stakes are obviously high in the worlds of bounty hunting and high school, but it’s handled with hilarity and heart, and they do a great job of immersing you into their world so you never second guess it.  

I started the show for the mystery(ies), but what kept me watching was the relationship between the twins. They are so delightfully messy and complex – they don’t always do what’s “right” or “expected,” and that’s the heart of the show. I came in with an idea of who I thought these girls were and what I believed to be their values, and episode after episode my expectations were totally subverted. It really reminded me of my high school experience (sans bounty hunting) and all the complicated feelings that come with growing up. It’s Pen15 meets CSI, and I’m obsessed!

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