The Bold Type

5 seasons

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A captivating drama that follows three New York City best friends working at a top women’s magazine as they balance love, friendship, and their ambitious careers.


Jane, Kat, and Sutton are three women in their mid-twenties with wildly different backgrounds but the same dream: to work at a women’s magazine called Scarlet. They live and love in New York City, where they are challenged to push boundaries and stay true to themselves while hoping that a string of romances doesn’t completely throw them off their tracks along the way. The three best friends learn to stick together as they realize the publishing world is ever changing. Through work and their friendships, they learn that they’ll have to find their own voices and get creative to push stubborn leaders with a tight grip on the industry to change. The world of fashion, journalism, and social media keep them on their toes as they break stereotypes and climb to the top.

Anna's thoughts

The Bold Type holds a special place in my heart! I watched it with my two best friends and we immediately each attached ourselves to one of the three leads. I also watched this when I was personally going through some challenges with my job in New York, so I can’t begin to describe how much this show inspired me to keep my friends close and remember that I could always make adjustments if I wasn’t happy with my career (or in life in general!). This drama is not only a peek into New York City’s most exciting parties, events, and industries but also the right amount of juicy love affairs and characters you want to root for. It has everything from a spicy forbidden romance to a character questioning their sexuality, and that’s just the backdrop to the drama playing out at work!

You can tell this show is written by all women, because the most powerful female leaders are encouraging and inspiring instead of being written as controlling, short-tempered, and “crazy.” This show is not only fun to watch, but will also keep you on your toes as surprise twists happen in each of the girls’ lives. Each character has their own niche in the industry so it feels like you enter several different worlds, and the show tackles contemporary issues in a smart and thoughtful way. This show has entertaining drama that isn’t exhausting, and makes you feel like it’s never too late to disrupt the system and find your voice. Cannot recommend it enough!