The Duchess

1 season

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A comedian’s take on single motherhood, featuring a modern, independent woman who will leave you inspired to be unapologetically yourself.


The Duchess is written and inspired by the life of British comedian Katherine Ryan. In this hidden gem of a series, Katherine, the single mother of nine-year-old Olive, wants to give her daughter a sibling. But how should she go about having another baby, this time one that’s planned? Should she ask Olive’s father, a former Irish boyband star and disaster at everything but being a dad, or try with the handsome, attentive dentist boyfriend who ticks all the right boxes? Or perhaps it’s best to go solo and opt for adoption or sperm donation? As Katherine navigates these life-altering decisions, viewers find that her fun (and sometimes lavish!) lifestyle, strong personality, and unique parenting style all add up to be the perfect dose of comedy-filled drama.

Maria's thoughts

If you like cheeky, irreverent, dry British humor, you will surely love this series. I watched it in one sitting! I really admired how Katherine lives her life unapologetically, especially when it comes to being a single mother. She is successful, career-driven, extravagant, selfish, and a present and involved mother. It is refreshing to see a different story of a woman that can seemingly do it all when it comes to both her career and motherhood, free of societal expectations. Her devil-may-care attitude and willingness to speak her mind unfiltered was so fun to watch.  

I absolutely loved this show. The unique mother-daughter dynamics between Katherine and her daughter are touching and hilarious because of their polar opposite personalities and special bond. It’s new and different—I had never seen something like it—and it’s a quick watch that will give you all the feels but mainly make you laugh. I felt inspired to speak more openly and live more carefreely after watching it!