The Durrells in Corfu

4 seasons

Watch it for...

The sweet dynamic between the Durrells as they navigate living in Greece together, and for the wanderlust-inspiring beauty of Greece!


Following her husband’s death, Louisa Durrell uproots her family from dreary England to sunny Corfu, an island in Greece. Along with her are her four children: Larry, the eldest who’s an aspiring writer; Leslie, the gun-loving loner; Margo, the vivacious only daughter; and Gerald, the nature-loving youngest who’s affectionately called Gerri. Based on Gerald Durrell’s book, My Family and Other Animals and its sequels, the series depicts the Durrells’ fish-out-of-water story of trying to fit into a whole new world, and growing stronger because of it.

Jordan's thoughts

This is a charming little show with a big heart. The Durrells’ antics are such joy to watch. It’s always the small familial moments that get me, and the series is chock-full of them. One moment will make you laugh out loud, another will have you reaching for the Kleenex. It’s an absolute treat! The Greek coastal vista is also breathtaking. At a time where traveling is restricted, it’s such a pleasure to gaze on the lovely sun-dappled panorama of Corfu. The show truly knows how to utilize its gorgeous locations. Anytime I finish an episode I have an urge to dust off my suitcase and book a flight to Greece! The cast, led by Keeley Hawes, is terrific. Pre-Prince Charles Josh O’Connor is ever the charming chap. The rest of the supporting characters are too endearing for words. Do not miss this show!