The Gift

3 seasons

Watch it for...

The chance to see a woman’s supernatural awakening to her past, present, and future in a Turkish show that’s a perfect blend of fantasy, romance, and thriller.


Atiye, an artist and part-time teacher, has a full and happy life…from the outside. She’s in a relationship with a wealthy man that’s ultimately unfulfilling, and her paintings are well-received. But since birth she’s been compulsively and repeatedly painting a symbol she’s never seen anywhere outside her own drawings. After a successful exhibition of her work, there’s a discovery at an archaeological site nearby where an artifact is discovered that changes Atiye’s life forever. The artifact, buried for millennia, bears the same symbol she’s been painting for her entire life. When she makes the decision to go see the artifact for herself, and to finally unravel the mystery of this symbol she’s obsessed with, the search brings her to even more mystery, some danger, and a love story for the ages.

Brenda's thoughts

I’ve always heard that Istanbul is rich in history and art, and a great place to visit. So for an alternative option—because I don’t think I’ll be flying to Turkey anytime soon—I searched “Turkish drama” on Netflix and The Gift came up! The teaser seemed a bit too “thriller-telenovela” initially, but I’m glad I clicked. There are some tense moments, and I questioned some story angles (in the second season especially) as I wanted more of the romantic storyline. But overall, this series features the strengths of a woman, and women throughout history, with just the right amount of the supernatural woven in. Right up my alley! It was totally worth the watch, especially because you get to see so much of Turkey throughout Atiye’s journey.