The Good Nurse

2 hours, 3 minutes

Watch it for...

A clear example of how compassion can cloud our intuition if we aren’t careful, yet can also be a powerful tool when situations become dangerous.


While medicine and murder shouldn’t be synonymous, this medical thriller tests the power of a woman’s intuition and asks, could a serial killer be hiding in plain sight? Amy, played by Jessica Chastain, is a nurse and mother at the end of her rope. With two small daughters at home, no health insurance, and recent health issues that are making every day difficult, she’s in need of a friend. Enter Charlie, played by Eddie Redmayne, a new nurse working the night shift with her. He’s warm and compassionate, and exactly the support system Amy needs. But when a troubling pattern begins to emerge, it tests Amy’s courage and strength at a time when she has little to spare. Based on a true story, The Good Nurse is a nail-biting movie that will have you second-guessing yourself the entire time!

Monique's thoughts

I was hooked by this movie! I stayed on the edge of my sofa the entire time, shocked by the madness that unfolds. I kept wondering how a medical professional could break so many laws and still work in a hospital! The performances by the actors are incredible, and you really believe they’re both going through what they’re acting. From one shocking truth to another, this movie shows the risks that someone will take to commit a crime that could potentially remain unknown. It was also a good reminder that a woman’s intuition should be taken seriously! Amy knew something was wrong, even though she didn’t want to believe it. It’s a good lesson that if your gut feeling isn’t taken seriously, you should continue to voice the seriousness of the situation and pay attention. It could literally save lives.