The Great

2 seasons

Watch it for...

The chaos, bloodshed, and comedy of errors that ensues when the Russian court gains a German Empress in a historic retelling that is "occasionally" true!


The Great is dubbed an “occasionally true story” based on the life of Catherine the Great and her husband, Peter III of Russia, played by Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. The story follows the naive whims and wishes of young Catherine, who is in over her head at her new court. Shocked by the brutality and vulgarity of Russia, she struggles to find her way and make her mark. What follows is absolute chaos as the young Empress aims to make her new subjects yield to her enlightened thoughts and ideas. Sarcasm, romance, wit, drama, and comedy are all woven together with beautiful costumes and set design. This story will have you in stitches in one scene and open-mouthed awe in the next!

Faith's thoughts

Do you enjoy ‘enemy to lover’ plots where the enemies never become lovers? Well, The Great might just be for you! Catherine and Peter couldn’t be more ill-suited for each other, but their dynamic is fun to watch. Each episode is riveting, with plot lines so insane you have no choice but to submit to the craziness, all the while being entertained by the back-and-forth tension between the two leads.

I absolutely love historical dramas, but before starting The Great I found myself yearning for a period piece without the seriousness that often accompanies it. I wanted humor, nicely packaged into the Enlightenment era! Lucky for me The Great never dropped a random heavy scene without a perfect comedic break or a brilliantly ridiculous monologue. This is a show where you truly love to hate almost every character. They are cruel but hilarious, and though their choices can be dangerous for their subjects, they have just enough tragic backstory to make them empathetic.

If you’re looking for a period piece that actually makes you laugh, look no further. While you won’t find much historical accuracy (just wait till you meet Voltaire!), you will find biting one-liners that leave you speechless, and absurdity you won’t soon forget.