The Lincoln Lawyer

1 season

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The thrill of watching a formerly disgraced lawyer make a comeback during an intense and life-changing trial that isn’t what it seems!


Set against the vibrant and eclectic backdrop of Los Angeles, The Lincoln Lawyer follows disgraced attorney Mickey Haller as he battles personal and professional demons while trying to redeem his name. He’s barely recovered from an opioid addiction when he is notified that a former colleague has been murdered, and Mickey has been named as the inheritor of his law practice. The mysterious death unfurls into a labyrinth of events that threaten Mickey’s road to redemption and even his very life. With smart dialogue, fast-moving action and a stellar supporting cast, The Lincoln Lawyer is an easy and compelling watch!

Jennifer's thoughts

First, one of my favorite things about this show is the representation. The cast includes both Asian and Black characters, with the starring role of Mickey Haller portrayed by Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. I loved that the diversity was woven into the plot and the background, illustrating an authentic America. Also, it’s always a cozy feeling when you see someone who looks like you on screen and it warmed my heart to see it.


I also loved that the supporting female characters weren’t catty or competitive but supportive and likable. Haller’s two ex-wives not only worked amicably with him but confided in each other. It was refreshing to see women treat each other as equal queens rather than adversaries. Lastly, I love a good twist and this show delivers! The plot is expertly written to unfold slowly and surely but then takes a sharp turn and you’re left scratching your head. Watching the entire season comes easy when the cliff hangers are this good!

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