The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

4 seasons

Watch it for...

The indomitable and hilarious Mrs. Maisel, who can roast a brisket and anyone standing in her way, and the amazing sets and costume design!


Midge Maisel thought she had it all: two sweet children, a loving husband, a supportive family. But her 1950s dream life comes to a screeching halt when her husband, a vice-president by day and an aspiring comic by night, has a terrible comedy set and leaves her… after telling her he’s been unhappy and having an affair with his secretary. In her shock, Midge downs a bottle of wine and ends up on the same comedy stage her husband failed miserably on earlier that night. She is effortlessly funny, unlike her husband, while unleashing a clever tirade into the microphone. Susie Myerson, an agent, hears the witty, drunk rantings of Midge and sees that she is more than just a housewife serving brisket and supporting her husband’s career aspirations. Susie just needs to get Midge to see it herself. As the show progresses, Midge struggles to decide if comedy is her true calling and if she can break the barriers that held women back from the stage in the 50s. Along the way, she also has to balance her riotously funny family, her relationship, and keeping her newfound profession a secret as she gains recognition.

Melissa's thoughts

As a feminist, I love the premise of a strong female protagonist breaking into the boy’s club of stand-up comedy, especially in the 1950s! Midge Maisel is both a single mother and a career woman, navigating co-parenting and relationships in a time when it just wasn’t as common as it is now. It’s fun to see her shattering glass ceilings when women of her social class were not expected to work outside the home at all, and do it with humor and style. The sets and outfits are also incredible, as an added bonus.

As funny as Midge is, her parents and in-laws are too! Scenes with the whole family are my favorite because they are so full of such quick-witted humor it’ll give you whiplash. The show even mixes comedy into its heartfelt, dramatic moments. Being able to laugh despite the trials and tribulations of the characters keeps a drama from becoming too heavy, and is the reason why I so easily cruised through all four seasons!