The Mindy Project

6 seasons

Watch it for...

A laugh-out-loud and very clever workplace comedy with a slow-burn romance, unforgettably over-the-top coworkers, and a strong female lead!


In this workplace comedy, Mindy Kaling’s Dr. Lahiri is balancing life as an OB/GYN in Manhattan as she tries to find love and career fulfillment. A brilliant, caring, and successful doctor at work, Mindy struggles to find the same success in her love life despite her best efforts. She’s aided, and sometimes abetted, by her eccentric coworkers. In her search for a romantic partner, Mindy gets into many awkward and hilariously unusual situations, especially with the help of the male nurse and her close friend at work, Morgan. Despite her romantic challenges, she continually finds solace in her work and with the fellow doctors, nurses, and office staff at her practice, despite their undeniable quirks.

Caroline's thoughts

I re-watch The Mindy Project at least once a year. I keep coming back to this show for so many reasons, partially because it genuinely makes me laugh out loud and also because the romantic in me loves the slow burn plotline of coworkers-to-friends-to-lovers. This show is perfect for anyone who loves New Girl! Mindy's character has the same quirkiness and outgoing personality as Jess, but with an undeniable New York edge and boldness.

I think the biggest reason I love it though is how great Mindy Kaling’s character is as a different representation of a romantic comedy star. Historically romantic comedies (both TV shows and movies) have been led by thin white women. I found, and continue to find, it deeply refreshing and relatable to see an average-sized person navigate the dating world and see her succeed so many times in love!