The OA

2 seasons

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An inventive and creative introduction to the multiverse, with an exciting storyline that has adventure, mystery, and a little romance!


The OA is a dynamic sci-fi series that documents the captivating story of Prairie Johnson, a young woman who finds her way back home after a near seven-year disappearance. Though her family is elated to have their adopted daughter back in their care, they are confronted with two unconscionable questions: why is their daughter no longer blind, and why won’t she talk about anything related to her abduction?


Prairie’s obsession with getting in contact with a man named Homer leads her to forge connections with a few eccentric teenagers in her neighborhood, along with a high school teacher. Several late-night meetings with the newly-formed group occur as she recounts her childhood trauma and shares her experiences in captivity. Prairie, later known to the group as the Original Angel (OA) instructs the group that during her seven-year disappearance, she had unlocked the ability to jump through dimensions, and she needs everyone’s help in order to continue doing it.  

Maddie's thoughts

Have you ever watched a show that had you reeling for days on end? Have you ever seen something so profound and multifaceted that you found yourself wanting to do secondary research on the topic? Well, I have, and that show for me was The OA. I never quite understood the fascination with the idea of the “multiverse” or “alternate realities”…until I watched this show. Prairie’s abuse, along with the abuse of her companions in captivity, allowed for them to harness the power of their collective near-death experiences to uncover specific movements that open a theoretical portal to other dimensions.  


While I know that sounds outlandish, you have to trust me: the writing in this series makes every single far-out concept make total and complete sense. I wouldn’t even be able to make a comprehensive list of all the reasons I love this show, from the cinematography to the realism of the sci-fi elements. But the show itself highlights just how important human connection is, regardless of our lived experiences or material situations. Prairie, or the OA, simultaneously navigates her life with a strong sense of compassion for others while also understanding that the world is broken and that she has a role in fixing it.