The Secret Life of the Cruise

1 hour 6 minutes

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A captivating view of the incredible army of staff, sophisticated technology, and complex systems that manage this floating city on the sea.


The Secret Life of The Cruise takes you behind the scenes of one of the largest cruise ships in the world. The MSC Seaside is so massive it’s practically a floating city. This documentary shows you exactly what it takes to run a ship of this scale that regularly serves 4,000 passengers a week, with 1,000 crew members on board. Employing highly complex systems, state-of-the-art technology, and an extraordinary battalion of people, MSC does it all to keep their passengers safe and happy. It’s both thrilling and chaotic to watch every department perform their tasks with masterful precision.

Jordan's thoughts

A fascinating watch! I enjoyed getting a peek into how a massive ship like this runs, both while docked and out at sea. Even simple tasks like cleaning and cooking are extraordinarily complex at this scale. You’ll see exactly how they provide clean water for everyone and process all the waste products. I was happy to learn that they grind and dump all the excess food waste while in deep water to feed the fish. The turnaround time from when they pull into port and board the new passengers is lightning fast. They clean and restock everything for the outgoing cruise, and it’s incredibly stressful for the crew! I have only been on one cruise in my life, but I would love to go on more. Even if you have never been on one, you will find this an interesting watch. Also, it’s only an hour!