The White Lotus

2 seasons

Watch it for...

The sexy drama, dreamy scenery, and the thrill of trying to figure out which mystery character doesn’t make it to the end of their vacation.


The White Lotus is a five-star resort chain where wealthy vacationers make an ill-attempt to flee their problems at home. Each season covers seven days at The White Lotus, one in Hawaii and one in Italy, with each episode representing a single day. Both seasons start with the death of a mysterious guest, and the show bounces between different story lines, all of which begin to intertwine in some way to ultimately reveal who was murdered and how. Everyone has their own unique vacation experience, and viewers watch as each vacationer struggles with problems both major and mundane. As the series progresses, you begin to discover the deep, dark secrets and desires of some of the characters while a complex portrait of relationships and motivations is painted. Each episode gets you one step closer to the fatal discovery of who reached their tragic demise, with surprising results!

Shannon's thoughts

Believe me when I say The White Lotus truly packs a punch! In every episode, I was transported to the exclusive five-star resort life, where for a moment (or two) I envisioned what a vacation at that elite level is really like. But every episode quickly reminds me that the glamorous life of power, wealth, and status has more than its fair share of challenges. And let me tell you, these rich people have problems. My husband and I would shake our heads every night at the drama and tension these seemingly put-together people have, but alas, money doesn't equal happiness.  

I loved the fact that at the beginning of the first episode, you are already clued in that someone has died, which makes you keenly aware of everyone’s insecurities and poor judgment throughout every episode. Just when you develop some sort of sympathy for one character, you immediately convince yourself that they’re ones that won’t make it to the end…or perhaps they’re behind the death of someone else. Along with its dark humor, comedic yet tumultuous relationship drama, and absolutely stunning visuals, The White Lotus kept me on my toes and continued to reaffirm that a lifestyle that seems perfect on the outside is probably loaded with many (many) problems on the inside. The second season just finished up and is just as incredible as the first!