3 seasons

Watch it for...

The chance to brush-up on your history trivia while watching an incredible and tumultuous journey through time, alongside three unlikely and amazing heroes!


Timeless begins with the three heroes at the heart of its story: Lucy Preston is a history professor, Wyatt Logan is a widower and an elite soldier, Rufus Carlin is an inspired engineer. They all know their crafts, and each carries a tragic past. What they don’t know is that their lives are about to change forever. When Garcia Flynn, a dangerous man on the terrorist watch list, steals a real and working time machine, the government is called in to track him down. In response, they recruit Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, who now form an unlikely trio sent back in time to capture their mysterious adversary and save history. However, things do not go according to plan. Flynn slips away, sending the trio on a wild goose chase through history. With the help of newfound allies, the team uncovers a secret world, and in turn, shapes the world around them.

Julianna's thoughts

This might just be my favorite show of all time because of how much I relate to Lucy Preston. I’ve always been drawn to history, so a show that put it at the forefront was immediately going to draw me in, but it’s her character that stayed with me. The show boasts beautiful representation and everyone gets their time in the limelight. The women are strong-willed and independent, and it’s thought-provoking to see modern characters interact with the past. Each episode teaches the viewer something about history and society—Timeless even earned the seal of approval from Smithsonian Magazine, which cites its careful attention to detail and historical facts!  

Every episode went by too fast, and I was always left wanting more. It has everything: friendships, romance, humor, plot twists, and just plain good fun. Timeless is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn about the past and find some hope for the future. I was especially inspired by this show because of its main message: your past does not define you. Other people do not define you. You define you and have the power to write your own story.