Tiny House Nation

2 seasons

Watch it for...

Design eye candy...and the inspiration to declutter your linen closet after watching families transition from big houses to tiny ones!


Tiny House Nation is a feel-good show where different families downsize from “regular” sized houses to homes between 40 and 600 square feet. The hosts, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, come into existing tiny home builds and help families with the big to "little" switch, while working to keep the integrity of their full-sized houses intact in their new spaces. This isn't a cookie-cutter, "let's make a cute house" type of show. Instead, they talk with the families to figure out what they need in a home, do training to make sure they truly understand the living space change, and create personal and unique touches in each home to make the tiny house feel like home.

Courtney's thoughts

Tiny House Nation may seem like a very niche show, as the average American lives in over 2,000 square feet, but I found it to be a calming and inspiring! Each episode is standalone, so there’s no pressure to remember previous episodes, and I love popping it on while washing dishes to turn the chore into some “me” time. At first, the hosts seem awkward, but it soon provides heart-warming “dad joke” chuckles that make you want to hang out around a campfire with them. Along with these feel-good vibes from the show, they also share ingenious and practical gizmos and designs that could be used in any size house! For example, one family loved to have dinner parties, so they built a greenhouse with a dining table. This is now on my wish-list as it's a great way to be outside in our rainy, cold winters (living at 4,000 feet on the side of a volcano does that) and a good electronics-free zone for quality family dinners. All in all, I recommend this as a great, easy watch!