Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

<h1 class="media-title-large">Tiny Shoulders: <br/>Rethinking Barbie</h1>

1 hour, 33 minutes

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The bittersweet nostalgia and interesting backstory of a beloved doll, and the hope of a reshaped future where feminism and Barbie intersect.


Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie is a documentary that follows the evolution of the iconic, blonde-haired Barbie doll. Through the compilation of interviews and historic footage, it explores how Barbie has influenced generations of young girls, from fashion and body image to careers. The documentary examines how one of the world’s most recognizable names has left a lasting mark on our culture, and most importantly, our girls.

Danika's thoughts

I was a die-hard Barbie girl growing up. No matter where I went, Barbie came with– the car, grandma’s house, even the grocery store. And because a Barbie doll was a staple part of my life, so was the image she brought. With her slim waist, impeccable fashion, and almost perfect lifestyle, Barbie simultaneously left me in awe and in great pain. Watching this documentary shed light on how I was unconsciously influenced by my favorite toy, and in a way, helped me process how a tiny little doll could leave such a lasting impact.  

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie was fascinating not only because of how it examined the psychological effects of the doll, but also because it was able to marry old footage with new interviews in a way where I was fully invested to the end! It left me with the hope that one day when I have my own children, I will be able to gift them a Barbie doll that positively reflects who they are and who they can be. Plus, then I’ll get to play with Barbie again– guilt free!