Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

2 hours

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A deeper understanding of the meaning and inspiration behind some of Toni Morrison’s most famous books, and an insightful look into her role as a mother.


Toni Morrison, an African-American female novelist who wrote stories about the black experience from a very true and poetic perspective, defined a generation of American writing with her work while challenging stereotypes and fighting for recognition as a Black author. She gradually carved out her own niche, though some would consider her a late bloomer, by holding onto what she loved to do the most: write. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am brings the viewer closer to this extraordinary author by exploring her life, the things she loved, and hearing from both her and the people and writers who admired her. Although this Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winner’s work is world renowned, the documentary also shows that she is first and foremost a loving and intentional mother.

LaJoia's thoughts

I absolutely loved watching this! I secretly read many of her books as a child (the topics were said to be too mature for my age by the adults in my life), and watching this brought back nostalgic memories of being in the back corner of the library reading for hours on end. I admire the way that she pursued her passion for words in all forms. I love the way the movie documents her journey into the world of writing and how she formed her perspective on race, fiction, and the depiction of black people. Toni broke the mold by writing about us in a way that spoke directly to the culture with no outside explanations. She was unapologetically a Black woman, and she did amazing things with the power she wielded. This is a must-watch for all women with a dream who are courageously doing the things they want to do despite society trying to keep us in our places. I highly recommend this as an inspiring and motivational watch!