Truth Be Told

3 seasons

Watch it for...

Edge-of-your-seat true crime suspense surrounding a podcaster, blended with family drama delivered with countless plot twists and shocking truths.


Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer), a former journalist turned true crime podcaster, hosts a show called “Reconsidered” where she dives into the stories of unsolved or incorrectly solved cases. The first season centers around a murder that Poppy covered as a journalist 19 years prior. She believes the convicted felon is innocent and wrongfully serving a life sentence. As she begins to uncover the real story, she finds herself confronting danger, feuding with family, and even risking her marriage—all in search of the truth. Each subsequent season explores a new case that challenges Poppy and her drive for justice. Poppy’s pursuits are assisted by her longtime journalist friend and an old flame who'd previously worked in the police force. With hard-hitting issues like racism, intermarriage sexism, family abuse and systematic corruption interwoven in the story line, Truth Be Told is a riveting and incredibly relevant show well worth the watch.

Mel's thoughts

As a Black woman, I am always seeking shows that feel relatable to me personally, and with a star-studded black cast, Truth Be Told checks that box. This Black-female led drama seamlessly spotlights many facets of the Black experience while still remaining relevant to a wider audience. For once, Black people aren’t the criminals in a crime drama, and instead, our leading Black lady is hoping to save, ironically enough, a white man. In addition to the racial dynamics, this suspenseful series kept my mind busy as I attempted to uncover the truths alongside our protagonist Poppy. With each new revelation, all that I knew became uncertain once again, creating nail-biting suspense that makes this a definite must-watch.  

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