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A witty, sarcastic, and funny story about how one man’s life is turned upside down by heartache after his long-term partner leaves him in his forties!


In the heart of New York City, real estate worker Michael and his partner Colin have been together for 17 years. They were nearly two decades of bliss for Michael…but Colin has a different perspective! When Colin abruptly leaves Michael, it sets Michael off on a course of self-discovery as he navigates the emotional rollercoaster of his break-up and deep heartache. The series follows Michael through his hilarious adventures (and misadventures!) as a newly single gay man in his forties, as he’s supported by a cast of funny and charming friends.

Alyssa's thoughts

Even though Uncoupled is about a breakup, I loved it because it’s lighthearted and funny! That said, I also appreciated the social commentary it made about heartache. Although I haven’t been dumped by a longtime boyfriend, I’ve had instances where the people I loved left my life, leaving me to pick up the pieces…in other words, I’ve been ghosted! Recovering from that kind of loss is really challenging, but it’s so worth it when you finally make it to the other side. I really related to Michael’s journey of self-discovery after his break-up, and it made me feel better about what I’ve gone through.

Uncoupled also explores the power of friendship and how important it is to have the right support system around you. Without Michael’s friends I don’t know how he would (or wouldn’t!) have gotten over his ex. It was also so refreshing to watch a show centered around the LGBTQ+ community that humanizes their experiences instead of relying on stereotypes. I watched the series with my parents and let me tell you, Uncoupled definitely deserves a second season!

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