2 seasons

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A fascinating and futuristic vision for the afterlife, where technology and spirituality intersect, and the mystery unfolding for one recently-deceased man!


Upload is a sci-fi comedy set in a future where people can upload their consciousness to a virtual afterlife. This show eliminates the ultimate equalizer of death by taking a person’s consciousness and uploading it to a “reality” purchased while they’re still alive. The main character, Nathan, is in a car accident and quickly finds out that his short-term (and wealthy) girlfriend, Ingrid, pre-emptively purchased Nathan a posh afterlife in a luxury resort.  Not only does Nathan have to learn to balance his relationship with Ingrid in the afterlife, he discovers that all might not be right in his post-death paradise. With the help of his customer service “angel,” Nora, he begins to unravel the mystery of his own death.

Katie's thoughts

I admit it: I’m a sucker for an easy laugh. Upload delivered! Written by Greg Daniels, a screenwriter from The Office and Parks & Recreation, this quick-witted satire is not only funny but had me thinking of my kids’ future world. I mean, I was still using the dewy decimal system when I was in college, and I had to go to the college registrar to get my first email address.  Having watched firsthand how our society has shifted its reliance toward the digital world, I can only imagine what will be possible 50 years into the future.

I loved how this show has so many levels. There is light humor at its surface, a budding forbidden romance woven into the plot, and an underlying satire that explores how the uber-rich control everything…even death. Whether you just have 30 minutes and want to smile, or have a few hours to dive into this delight of a show, I think Upload appeals to so many different audiences on so many levels!

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