Virgin River

4 seasons

Watch it for...

Cozy and comfortable small-town drama with a gorgeous cast, beautiful riverside setting and town, and sweet storylines that go down easy!


Driven by a painful circumstance, nurse practitioner Melinda ‘Mel’ Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) quits her job in LA and relocates to Virgin River, a small riverside town in Northern California. But life is not all peace and quiet as she deals with a series of eclectic residents who become her patients, and as she faces the past that she tried to run away from. In between all that, Mel strikes up a sweet romance with the resident bar owner, Jack (Martin Henderson), that also becomes complicated.  

Through it all, Mel will learn that she can’t run from her problems forever. Here in Virgin River, she’s meant to heal from them instead.

Johny's thoughts

Sometimes I enjoy intricate mind-bending dramas that exhaust my brain, other times I crave something light that I can just digest with ease. Virgin River is definitely the latter. It’s the “classic big city girl moves to small town” trope, full of the clichés that accompany it: city girl hijinks, romance with the handsome hunk in town, local folks with their eccentricities and antics. But there’s a reason this premise is told over and over again…when done right, it just works! I find it comforting to watch conflicts that are not too over-the-top and just the right amount of dramatic.

The supporting characters in Virgin River are especially charming, and Mel’s romance with Jack gives me the right amount of tingle and giggle I need from a love story. Nothing too unexpected ever happens in the show, which is reassuring. I can tune in, relax, maybe shed a few tears, and finish with a happy smile!