Wedding Season

1 hour, 37 minutes

Watch it for...

A fun, humorous and very sweet twist on classic rom-com tropes that centers around an Indian-American couple and keeps the laughs coming!


Wedding Season is an Indian-American romantic comedy film that follows Asha and Ravi. They’re both navigating the balance of pleasing their traditional parents with finding their own way in life. When their parents pressure both of them to find someone to marry (and go as far as setting up online dating profiles for them!) Asha and Ravi agree to “fake date” throughout a summer of weddings. The joke is on them though, as they find themselves really falling for one another. When personal truths are revealed and career opportunities arise, will their love be able to overcome their differences, or will their relationship come to an end along with the wedding season?

Joanna's thoughts

This romantic-comedy is the best I’ve seen in a while! It’s a fun, feel-good film that makes you want to watch it again and again. Here’s the proof: I’ve already watched it twice. The weddings and costumes are stunning, and Asha and Ravi’s chemistry is to die for. At the same time, I also found this movie to be incredibly relatable as I struggled to find my own way in life. I appreciated that Asha and Ravi weren’t teenagers trying to do just that, but adults. The journey of finding ourselves and what we want to do doesn’t end in high school, and for many of us, it’s ongoing!  

The comedy aspect kept everything light-hearted and had me laughing throughout. As much as I loved what the movie had, I also appreciated what it lacked…there’s no violence, sex, and very little profanity. I watched it with my teen daughter and we both really enjoyed ourselves. I also recommended it to my mom! This movie is great for a girls’ night or even a mother/daughter night (of all ages!). So be sure to grab your favorite candy and snacks and enjoy the wedding season!

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